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Motom vehicles are small, electric all terrain vehicles. Designed and built in New Zealand and fully customisable. Initially conceived to be used by people with mobility issues but are able to be enjoyed and used by anyone who wants a small, stable electric vehicle with go-most-places ability.




Trilobite is a nimble, lightweight tricycle. Very capable off road, on beaches, parks, cycle trails, bush, farms..... Careful thought has gone into making this a rugged, low maintenance vehicle that can take on a wide range of different terrain, in all sorts of weather conditions.

The large front wheels roll over obstacles easily while the smaller rear wheel gives great hill climbing ability. The large, wide tyres can be run at low pressure to give a pleasant amount of suspension and fantastic traction in mud, sand and gravel. The power comes from a geared hub motor, built into the rear wheel, giving quiet and maintenance free performance.

Where possible, corrosion free materials have been used; the chassis is made from aluminium, steering components and fasteners from stainless steel.

There is ample storage under the seat, accessible while seated. This is ideal for spare clothes, food etc... In addition, a cycle pannier can be attached to the seat back, great for camping in the bush or simply getting groceries.


WEIGHT...........40 kg

POWER............1000 Watts


BATTERY..........52 Volts, 17 Ah

RANGE............40 km (terrain and speed dependent)

WIDTH............950mm (most bollards have a 1m gap)


HEIGHT............650mm (seat back folded)



To get the Trilobite to where you want to use it there are two main options: Inside the car or outside the car.

The Trilobite will fit inside many medium sized station wagons/hatchbacks or SUV's with the Trilobite seat back folded and the rear seats of the car folded down. The light weight of the Trilobite (40kg) makes it easy to lift first the rear wheel then the front wheels into the car. 

To transport the Trilobite outside of the car a lifting device that attaches to the car tow bar is available. The lifting device has a motor, powered from the car battery, that effortlessly lifts the Trilobite into a vertical position. No need for a trailer, plus carrying the Trilobite on the towbar of the car keeps all the sand and mud outside!



Nugget is a 4 wheeled, rear wheel drive vehicle. With a platform on the back that can be used for carrying loads up to 50kg.


A trailer is available to be towed behind Nugget and can handle loads up to 100kg.

For more information about the Nugget vehicle or trailer please contact Motom.


WEIGHT..........90 kg

POWER...........1500 Watts


BATTERY.........52 Volts, 17 Ah (Per battery)

RANGE...........20 km (terrain and speed dependent)

WIDTH...........950mm (most bollards have a 1m gap)


HEIGHT... .......700mm (seat back folded)





Motom Stonefields_edited.jpg

Motom vehicles and accessories are the creation of Andrew Nash, an engineer with a dog and a disability.

In 2015 the first Motom was built by Andrew, for his own use, as he realised his mobility was becoming limited by his progressive disability, yet he still wanted to be able to have adventures and go places.

Since then many different Motoms have been built, with extensive experiments trying out different wheel configurations, steering ergonomics, chassis styles..... All these different Motoms received daily use on a wide range of terrains to find problems and come up with robust solutions.


The end result is the creation of a range of well tested and proven vehicles and accessories that give people of all abilities easy access to a range of different environments.

Currently Motoms are custom built to order, with a lead time of approximately 6 weeks.



Please get in touch if you would like any information about the Motom products.

Test rides are available to experience the amazing Motom capbilities.

Motom is based in Auckland, New Zealand

Tel: +64 21 2679 482

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